Experimental, Germany 2014, 4:30 min, 1:2,35, 16mm to Video

Elephant is an experimental film which mediates on the inexpressible nature of misconceptions. The film reflects on inner and outer perceptual connections. In a low light situation accompanied by misleading sound, three different actions in three different settings take place. As the camera pans over each of the sceneries, actions are revealed by flashes of ever increasing exposures of light. By way of metaphoric symbols and signs such as a swing, a boxing ring, and a fish tank, Elephant frames an unusual viewpoint. The title of the film connotes on an ancient Persian and Indian tale about perception. In the story a group of blind men encounter an elephant for the first time. The men take turns acquainting themselves with the animal through touch, each man subsequently touches a different part of the animal. One of the men touches the tusks and concludes that the elephant is something akin to a tree branch. Another one of the men touches the elephant’s legs and assumes the elephant is just four pillars. As they compare notes, they learn they are in complete disagreement. With its metaphoric implications, the story suggests that a true conception of existence is not possible by just relying on one’s singularly personal observations. The title also plays with the English idiom: “There is an elephant in the room!”

Performance/Director: Mona Kakanj
Director of Photography: Paul Faltz

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